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Did you know in 2017, 32% of all babies in the United States were delivered through their mama's bellies? Click here to see more birth stats from the CDC!

April is cesarean awareness month, so it's only fitting that I share my favorite belly birth snaps on the blog. The first c-section I photographed was a little over a year ago at Mercy Hospital St. Louis. My client planned an unmedicated, natural birth with the midwives at Mercy Birthing Center. She ended up needing a cesarean and the awesome staff at Mercy was totally on board with me accompanying my client, her husband, and two of the midwives into the OR.

As a mama who has only delivered babies vaginally, I really didn't know what to expect. The birth was still so amazing and I was so honored to be able to capture it for them. After snappin' this belly birth, I was so ready to capture more!

Here are a few of my fav snaps from belly births this past year!!

This was another one of my clients who planned on delivering vaginally, but ultimately ended up with a cesarean due to baby being sunny side up. Kayla delivered at St. Joseph's Hospital in Breese and was my first birth there. They do not allow photographers in the OR, but I sent my camera in with a few awesome nurses who snapped some adorable pics of this family meeting their baby for the first time. I hung out in their recovery room with her mama until her husband brought out baby Paisley to meet everyone while Kayla was in the OR getting stitched up.

In October, I photographed the birth of one of my best friend's fourth little babe. She lost her precious Clark and he was born sleeping in the OR at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. I will never forget that day and the flood of emotions that filled the room. Loss has affected so many of my dearest friends and my heart just breaks for them. Here are a few from Clark's birth...

This birth was actually one I shot as a back up for Alex of Alexandria Mooney Photography

This mama, Robin, also hired one of my amazing friends/doula extraordinaire, Tiffany Muniz to help her through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Her little one, Amelia, was one of the most smiley babies I have ever seen!!

Here's another one of my fav belly births from a few months back. Mama was absolutely full of smiles the entire time - from being prepped in pre-op to being wheeled back to recovery. She had a pretty traumatic vaginal delivery with her second and opted for a belly birth with her second. Kristin and her family were seriously SO fun to capture, the OR was full of laughter!

I've loved being able to capture these priceless memories for families who bring their babies earthside through the sunroof ;)

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