Fresh Pine Photography | 2019 - A Year In Review (families + babies)

2019 was a remarkable year for Fresh Pine Photography - St. Louis Motherhood Stories. So many new and familiar faces stepped in front of my lens for games, laughter, and memory making!

I am humbled with every opportunity I am given to document your stories.

Mothers, I know how hard it can be to put yourself in front of a camera. In sixty years, when your children are showing their grandchildren these pictures, they will tell them how beautiful your smile was and how your laugh echoed down the hall. No one will notice forehead wrinkles. No one will speak of the squishy belly that stuck around after bringing two, three, four precious souls into the world.

Fathers, I know you would most likely rather do anything other than spend your evening taking family portraits. Thank you. Thank you for doing this for your wives. For your children. Thank you for playing along during follow the leader, tickle fights, for blowing raspberries so loud even I burst out laughing! One day, your children will look through these photos and be so glad you were willing to do anything to make them smile.

Thank you, clients of 2019, for making Fresh Pine Photography - St. Louis Motherhood Stories have the most breathtaking year yet!!

I cannot wait to make memories with you all again in 2020!!​ So many good ones in 2019!

If you are interested in having Fresh Pine Photography - St. Louis Motherhood Stories capture a family, Fresh 48, newborn, or milestone session in 2020, please reach out at

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