Fresh 48 Session | Kellan | Mercy Hospital | St. Louis, Missouri | Fresh Pine Photography - St. Loui

Yesterday I had the pleasure of snapping a Fresh 48 session for the Kingery family. This is mister Kellan! Just look at that little guy. HE IS SO CUTE!

I was running ahead of schedule after wrapping up a cake smash milestone session that morning, so when I got there, I started off with baby Kellan's solo shots!

He was the most precious little guy and barely made a peep! We grabbed a few shots with his mama before his big sisters joined us at Mercy. She was absolutely glowing and looked like a total rockstar, especially for just giving birth a day earlier!!!

**Also, how amazing is that swaddle & teeny tiny hat?? They are from Copper Pearl and some of my favorite swaddles! You can find this beautiful rust colored set HERE!

When his big sisters arrived, they just couldn't contain their excitement about seeing baby Kellan!! So many precious little joyous squeals and giggles, my heart was melting!

They were both so excited to get to hold him and give him little hugs and smooches! They took turn snuggling up with their new baby brother, then it was dad's turn to get some Kellan lovin'!

As we were wrapping up Kellan's Fresh 48, we tried to grab one more shot of the three kiddos all together. We got big sisters situated on the hospital bed and sat baby Kellan across their laps. As mom stepped back, Kellan let out a loud cry and the girls LOST IT! They did NOT like it when he cried. The most sad/hilarious moment I've ever photographed! I'm so glad I had my camera out for this, haha!!

I had such a blast working with this beautiful family, I loved capturing a Fresh 48 session for them!

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